How to Choose the Best VGA Card for Desktop

How to Choose the Best VGA Card for Desktop – VGA Card is a computer component that processes data before displaying it on the display screen. VGA is used to make the display on the screen good. In choosing a graphics card can not be wrong because it can cause the monitor display to be ugly. Here are tips on choosing the right and right VGA card

Prioritize GPU brands and vendors
Currently, there are two well-known brands in the world of well-known graphics chipsets (GPUs) for PCs, namely Nvidia and AMD. These two brands can indeed be said to be the best rivals for GPUs. These two brands actually only provide chipsets, while for the whole graphic card, it will usually be thrown to various other hardware vendors again to be processed so that it can become a VGA Card as a whole. Even though there is something called the founders edition, usually it doesn’t sell well in the market. Because, users usually prefer VGA cards from vendors such as ASUS, MSI, EVGA, and so on. This is because, the price of VGA Card founder edition is usually more expensive than VGA Card vendors. In addition, VGA cards made from vendors usually have the OC (Overclocking) feature.

Each brand usually has a GPU level that you can see through the specifications provided or special software. What needs to be considered in choosing this GPU is the clock speed. Just like the processor (CPU), the higher the clock speed, the GPU will certainly be faster in the rendering process as well. Between nVidia and AMD, each has advantages in the graphics world, be it gaming or video editing.

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Pay attention to the number of VGA cores
In addition to the clock speed on the GPU, there is also such a thing as a core. This core, of course, you already know about the CPU. If the GPU has a large number of cores, then the process or task that can be done can definitely be more or larger. With this, of course, games with high graphics and many effects, will definitely be easier to run.

For example, a GPU that has 6 cores will certainly be faster than a GPU that only has 3 cores. Where each of these GPUs will be faced with 6 processes at once.

Choose the one with low power consumption
VGA with a high TDP (Thermal Design Power) value will usually make the VGA noisy because the heat generated can indeed be excessive. VGA with this high TDP will usually take a lot of electricity consumption as well. For that, in choosing the best VGA Card for your gaming PC, then you should choose the one with low power consumption.

Pay attention to VGA memory and bandwidth
Memory on VGA is one of the important things to consider when choosing a gaming VGA card. The greater the memory capacity used by the VGA, then the VGA Card will also be faster. In addition, also pay attention to the type of memory. The highest VGA memory type now is GDDR5X, which is currently only used for the latest and highest VGA cards at this time. The speed of this type of VGA Card GDDR5X can be said to be 2 times compared to GDDR5.