Desktop OS Recommendations

Desktop OS Recommendations – Currently, many desktops circulating for use are Windows, but are there any free desktops? Yes, of course there is. The following is a desktop OS recommendation that you can download for free

1. Remix OS.

This Android-based OS is available in 2 versions, namely 32 bit and 64 bit. This OS offers the experience of using Android applications like a smartphone on a laptop. You can play your favorite games with a bigger screen than your smartphone.

2. Linux.

The OS, which was created to protest the monopoly of Microsoft Windows, does not require high specifications to install it. A wide selection of linux distros such as Elementary, Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Kali Linux you can choose according to your needs.

Desktop OS Recommendations

3. Chrome OS.

This OS made by Google is specifically designed for desktop devices. Actually, the experience is more or less the same as using the chrome browser. The difference is, in this OS, you are treated to a desktop-style menu display and a store that provides a variety of applications (if in the chrome browser it is called an extension) for your needs.

But the drawback of this OS is that it requires an internet connection so you can take full advantage of it. Of course, this can be solved considering that now the problem of internet connection is no longer as difficult as it used to be.

4. Phoenix OS.

Just like Remix, this OS offers the experience of using the Android OS on a laptop smoothly without the help of an emulator that is less friendly with low-spec devices. The author has also tried this OS to play Clash of Clan games and chat using the Line application. It turns out that this OS is lighter than Remix in running various applications simultaneously.

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5. Endless OS.

The developer claims that this OS has been equipped with more than 100 applications to support various user activities. Interestingly, unlike most Chrome OS applications, the Endles OS application can be used without having to be connected to the internet. On the official Endless OS website, you will find that this OS was made not only for office purposes, but also for studying and playing exciting games.